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What is GoofyxGrid@Home NCI?

GoofyxGrid@Home NCI it's a boinc server for some project which we would like to examine.

Monkeys application will check some aspects for infinite monkey theorem:

  • monkeys_v1 and v3 - draws word for examine if thats word existing in Polish or English dictiora for now (I wonder about using more dictionaries).V1 has one seed for whole WU, and V3 one seed per word
  • monkeys_v2 and v4 - draws word until it not exactly like in WU. V2 has one seed for whole WU, and V4 one seed per word

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Maintance break
In next 2-4 days I would like to make some maintance break for:
1. Cleaning stuff <- delete logs, temp files
2. resize partition <- disc on server has 500gb but system has only on 230gb partition
3. create an d start using swap partition <- I had lost previous one durring moving server from vps to SSD disc

I hope 2-3 hours will be enought for evethink but if server won't show on the network, just wait for it.
6 Feb 2018, 20:44:15 UTC · Discuss

GG@H CPU started
ok, I started GoofyxGrid@home CPU project... without monkeys at this moment ;)
First application is htest_64bits to test some subset problems <- more info we will give on project page.

I encourage to test
5 Feb 2018, 9:42:40 UTC · Discuss

Somekind of gathering the team for game dev
I encourage you to follow this topic
for this topic:
2 Feb 2018, 15:19:43 UTC · Discuss

Support for android - again
After some hard times I back to support android platform:
1. arm-android-linux-gnu : pie
2. arm-android-linux-gnu : non-pie
3. aarch64-android-linux-gnu
15 Jan 2018, 11:42:21 UTC · Discuss

GG@H NCI update
I am really sorry for situation. I returned from hospital 2 days ago after almost 1 mounth hospital stay and now I will back to work on GG@H.
I see I have much to work out:
1. phMailer stop to work
2. some problems with analyzers
3. badges won't update
6 Jan 2018, 22:06:29 UTC · Discuss

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