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GoofyxGrid@Home NCI it's a boinc server for some project which we would like to examine.

Monkeys application will check some aspects for infinite monkey theorem:

  • monkeys_v1 and v3 - draws word for examine if thats word existing in Polish or English dictiora for now (I wonder about using more dictionaries).V1 has one seed for whole WU, and V3 one seed per word
  • monkeys_v2 and v4 - draws word until it not exactly like in WU. V2 has one seed for whole WU, and V4 one seed per word

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Maintance break #19 - progress update
#Update 1
1. Server after some tunning is running <- I affraid to put photo for you :)
2. I set up 2x Raid10 (each one with 4xHDD 320GB WD Black) <- One raid10 for system/backup + raid10 oonly for database
3. Debian 9.5 is installed

Now it's time for SSH and set up mysql
9 Nov 2018, 21:32:44 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break #19 - new server
At this moment today or tommorow i am planning some BIG/HUGE change on serwer.
I am not able to say how long the break will last <- maybe 2-3 hours maybe 2-3 days....
But if everythink will finish with success the server will never be the same.

I will say that i am feels like a child in a sweets store :)
After everythink I will give you more review of situation.
6 Nov 2018, 7:38:35 UTC · Discuss

Network reorganisation
I don't won't to do it, but I have to.
At this moment boinc server is connected to storage and intertet thru shared cable in my home network.
I have plan to give server second network card and create sub-network and connect it directly into free storage lan card to increase NFS performance.
This mean I need to shutdown server in next 1-2 days and make some change.
1 Nov 2018, 14:07:22 UTC · Discuss

Change in my workplace network
I need 3-4 days to change organisation in my local network.
1. I will replace some switch <- i want to reduce it number
2. connect goofyxGrid server to dedicated 1gb network card on storage server <- at this moment server is connected to shared NIC and then I make for example backup on my privete PC I am using full speed and blocking boinc server
3. and most important to me I need to replace my 4 reverse proxy with one server <- that will make a break in access to the server
29 Oct 2018, 13:13:20 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break #18
In next 2-3 days I am planning maintance break for:
1. update firmware on router
2. update system on nas storage
3. move database data to SSD PCIe drive to gg@h server <- I have RevoDrive 110gb
4. move mysql ibdata to hdd drive

I hope point 3 and 4 will increase database performace
23 Oct 2018, 21:28:47 UTC · Discuss

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