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I am 42 and work as CIO. I like scuba diving and my hobby is also philately.


Maintance break
In next 2-3 days I will need some maintance to change whole network hardware on my "server room" <- 2xload balancer + 4x router.
So you can expect some eroor with connecting to project
19 Nov 2017, 22:08:00 UTC · Discuss

Moving to new server
Like I wrote before no more test or experimets... now it's time to move full system from temporary virtual machines to new home system.
In next week (I don't know exactly which day it will be) there will be some break with accessing to project and even to web page so don't worry it's just removal to the better place ;)
6 Nov 2017, 0:46:08 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break
I need to workout some database problems <- this is reason why I had to daleyed monkeys v2 and v4
22 Oct 2017, 14:09:43 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break
In next 2-3 days I will need some change on server enviroments with project so it could be some moment of "Server unavaible" problem.
Don't worry "I will back" :)
10 Oct 2017, 19:56:40 UTC · Discuss

Change for GoofyxGrid@Home
I have first result for my efforts for monkeys and goofyxGrid@home. Because at this moment there is no possibility to have one project with many cpu and many nci apps (this problem is reported on mailing-group and on github) I have to split my GG@H into two separated project:
1. http://cpu.goofyxgridathome.net
2. http://nci.goofyxgridathome.net

ad <- 1
Not only for monkeys ;)
I wolud like to start some virtualBox cpu application with Machine Learning, Neuytral Network (face and object recongnitions) etc.

ad <- 2
Users, teams, credits will be imported from GCC
6 Sep 2017, 10:49:02 UTC · Discuss

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