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Why should I tell you anything about my age, my living, my work? It's permanently changing! :-D The only thing that remains since 2007 is BOINC - and...


New works generators
In next 7-10 days i would like to make some change in generators so it could be problem with getting new WU.
Acctuall generators are making too much IOPS on disk on my serwer and making it's very unstable and less performance that they could be.
One generator (and i have four of them working 24/7 ) can generate 300-350 (or even have peak to 450-500) IOPS and killing server <- after that change i hope it's decrease to 25-50 IOPS
20 Apr 2020, 10:27:33 UTC · Discuss

Hardware crush
In last week I have some ugly hardware crush <- one CPU and 8x RAM was down killing my serwer.
Thanks to yor support from paypal I were able to make fast shopping and back to work.

Big thanks to my supporter.
8 Dec 2019, 14:49:41 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break #24
In next 3-4 days I am planning some cleaning, updating work with my server so it's will be some temporary promblem with access to projects.
21 Nov 2019, 7:54:56 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys v2 and v4 : HALLOWEEN
Is time for HALLOWEEN :D

Last 100K WU for CHRISTMAS is start, every new task will have HALLOWEEN with 30 minutes progress time
29 Oct 2019, 21:36:56 UTC · Discuss

Server tunning
I don't have budget for server cabinet for now, but i moved server from desk behind me (to much noise and too hot for me ;) ) to destination shelf with better air flow and access to cooling system.

I have plan for next week:
1. I need to change thermal paste on my CPU because they get host even if no VM if running.
2. I can see that one of cooler is damage is why this CPU get 30 degree more than second one <- i have to give it new one
3. I will try change original four cooler to new more performance and less noise <- propably Arctic P8 PWM

Because of that project will have some short breaks.
13 Oct 2019, 21:21:04 UTC · Discuss

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