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Monkeys v2 and v4 : HALLOWEEN
Is time for HALLOWEEN :D

Last 100K WU for CHRISTMAS is start, every new task will have HALLOWEEN with 30 minutes progress time
29 Oct 2019, 21:36:56 UTC · Discuss

Server tunning
I don't have budget for server cabinet for now, but i moved server from desk behind me (to much noise and too hot for me ;) ) to destination shelf with better air flow and access to cooling system.

I have plan for next week:
1. I need to change thermal paste on my CPU because they get host even if no VM if running.
2. I can see that one of cooler is damage is why this CPU get 30 degree more than second one <- i have to give it new one
3. I will try change original four cooler to new more performance and less noise <- propably Arctic P8 PWM

Because of that project will have some short breaks.
13 Oct 2019, 21:21:04 UTC · Discuss

Unplanned break
For two days in my area there have been massacre atmospheric conditions through which power lines and fiber optic lines have been broken, hence the break with access to the project.
As far as I know, everything is back to normal with service providers so the project will also come back to life slowly.
8 Oct 2019, 19:31:25 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break #23
In next 3-4 days will be some short breaks in server working.
I need make some works in my workshop:
1. connect back up server (named "atena")to my network,
2. configure everything
3. make tests for different configurations
4. add more RAM to proxmox server
5. add more RAM for main storage "bysior".

At this moment I am making backup of every think <- backup is always good idea
19 Sep 2019, 10:24:49 UTC · Discuss

5th anniversary and VERY BIG change
At the beginning I'm sorry for my poor English.
Approximately 10-15 October this year, the GoofyxGrid project will celebrate its 5th anniversary <- at the beginning it was not a public project but my private one.
It was a time of ups and downs (I regret that there were definitely more falls). For me at the beginning it was an adventure and a journey into the unknown <- I've never dealt with running a Linux server or a boinc server before. After publishing the project, I hoped for a maximum of 500-750 tasks in progress and there were more than once that the server one after another fell like flies. There were many moments when I told myself that it was the end and time to shut down the server (colleague Krzyszp from Universe @ home knows what I am talking about :) <- he could write a book based on our conversations), but each time you showed me so much support that I could motivate and continue to act. Not once uprising after the fall was very hard, especially since GoofyxGrid is probably the least stable project in the world <- for now it is still so although I am still trying to work on it. From the very beginning I was struggling with hardware ills and all the time I tried to fix and fix it. In fact, it didn't do much, because the project lived from one SNAFU to another FUBAR.

I hope that this will not bring me bad luck but I would like to share with you some thoughts on the future of the project. Of course, I can't promise a bright future without mishaps <- because it was complete nonsense. The only thing I can promise that these 5 years have fooled me about improvising and patching up the situation <- sometimes you have to plow something and plant it again for a good result.
Throughout my vacation, I had time to think about what I want to do with GoofyxGrid, whether to close or change my approach and give the last chance. I chose second options.
Since the beginning of September I have been working on serious ggNCI in the technical background (I hope that ggCPU and Dorothy will also be in the near future). This time, despite the fact that I can't afford new equipment, after summing up the middle of the decade what is a good conclusion that I can't afford more patches and repairs.
Therefore, I have currently purchased 2 Chenbro RM41824 24LFF servers.
First one (named "bysior", cost about 4k $) is set up with 24x 3TB IronWolf storage (11 mirrors with 2 hdd in each + 2 spare disk + 4x SSD Intel 480GB as L2ARC) for proxmox. Second (named "atena", cost 3k $) one will be prepare as backup server with 10-12 x 6tb HDD on the beggining (there is place for 24x HDD) <- I'm tired of making backups via usb on SD car, usb drive and old ATA (no SATA) drive. The server will have ZFS in raidZ3 and 20-30TB for even daily backups and snapshots.
At this moment ggNCI server, mysql server and NFS for ggNCI is moved to new storage and working really nice. All 3 servers are connected by a 10gb network.
Of course, this does not make the project bear any load, but in my opinion it should work definitely more stable and confident than what I had now ... and believe me that you would like to know how it looked.

I will tell you without a doubt what the situation is. Ultimately, I spent everything I could on current equipment (you will admit it is worth the money). But I need to buy:
- second PSU for "bysior" and "atena "
- decent UPS <- for energy stability. 3-3,5kW with custom battery will be great
- new server for proxmox <- this one is energy eater and has poor performance. Maybe it could be more that one serwer for load balancing
- new server cabinet for all these devices and maybe new one <- 3 server on office desks is bad idea
- new 10gb network switch ect

And now this bad administrator (it's me) has the audacity to ask you again for support.
1. paypal:
2. patreon:

Maybe I could host a new project whose administrator cannot afford the equipment or die like QCN <- I am open in this to such cooperation.

That's it for me <- now I'm putting the future in your hands.
16 Sep 2019, 10:32:54 UTC · Discuss

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