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Crush on database server
At this moment every wu is canceled because after restore I have more then 6kk task ready tu send and before crash there was only 3kk it's mean that 3kk task would give download error <- and with max error count 5 per WU that give as about 15kk download error before project clenning.
It's why I decided to clean up project manually right now.
6 Dec 2018, 12:28:09 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break #20
As you know I started working on ggCPU, but before I will generate first tasks I need to make some maintance brake.
I am going to:
1. goofyxGrid : reoganize disks <- I moved database for another hardware and have to split projects between 4 disks to have more performance. I won't buy new ssd drive as I planned (plextor 1tb) because I want to use what I have right now on the server.
2. goofyxDB : migrate from mysql 5.6 to newest Percona

At this moment it's hard to say how many time this could take, but I will back :)
26 Nov 2018, 15:01:42 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break #19 - progress update
#Update 1
1. Server after some tunning is running <- I affraid to put photo for you :)
2. I set up 2x Raid10 (each one with 4xHDD 320GB WD Black) <- One raid10 for system/backup + raid10 oonly for database
3. Debian 9.5 is installed

Now it's time for SSH and set up mysql
9 Nov 2018, 21:32:44 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break #19 - new server
At this moment today or tommorow i am planning some BIG/HUGE change on serwer.
I am not able to say how long the break will last <- maybe 2-3 hours maybe 2-3 days....
But if everythink will finish with success the server will never be the same.

I will say that i am feels like a child in a sweets store :)
After everythink I will give you more review of situation.
6 Nov 2018, 7:38:35 UTC · Discuss

Network reorganisation
I don't won't to do it, but I have to.
At this moment boinc server is connected to storage and intertet thru shared cable in my home network.
I have plan to give server second network card and create sub-network and connect it directly into free storage lan card to increase NFS performance.
This mean I need to shutdown server in next 1-2 days and make some change.
1 Nov 2018, 14:07:22 UTC · Discuss

Change in my workplace network
I need 3-4 days to change organisation in my local network.
1. I will replace some switch <- i want to reduce it number
2. connect goofyxGrid server to dedicated 1gb network card on storage server <- at this moment server is connected to shared NIC and then I make for example backup on my privete PC I am using full speed and blocking boinc server
3. and most important to me I need to replace my 4 reverse proxy with one server <- that will make a break in access to the server
29 Oct 2018, 13:13:20 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break #18
In next 2-3 days I am planning maintance break for:
1. update firmware on router
2. update system on nas storage
3. move database data to SSD PCIe drive to gg@h server <- I have RevoDrive 110gb
4. move mysql ibdata to hdd drive

I hope point 3 and 4 will increase database performace
23 Oct 2018, 21:28:47 UTC · Discuss

Patreon site for my projects is started
I started to find some support for my projects.
At this moment I really need some good hardware for databae to provide more apps.
As you know acctuall server is good but has riched his limit and would like to significantly increase my limit.
Maybe someone would like to put 1$ or more ;) for support my goal.
21 Oct 2018, 10:35:40 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break
After most of tasks will be crunched I am planning to make some cleaning on server.
12 Oct 2018, 6:28:13 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break
I need some time to change SSD disk and power source in server
29 Sep 2018, 11:50:36 UTC · Discuss

URGENT: Accident in workplace
Last night an accident occurred in my office.
A water pipe burst in the wall which resulted in damage to the wall and flooding of the entire office. Fortunately, nothing happened to the main servers <- I have a few other losses that I need to complete.

Unfortunately, this means that today I am forced to turn off and bring all equipment to a safe place to repair the pipe and wall.

I plan to return to the office on Friday or Saturday.
I apologize for this break and I am asking everyone for your understanding.

I will back to you crunchers
12 Sep 2018, 5:33:11 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break
After acctuall series of WU's will finish I am planning to make longer ( 3-5 day's ) maintance break for update hardware, software, scripts ect.
9 Aug 2018, 5:14:06 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break
In next 2-4 days I would like to make some maintance break for:
1. Cleaning stuff <- delete logs, temp files
2. resize partition <- disc on server has 500gb but system has only on 230gb partition
3. create an d start using swap partition <- I had lost previous one durring moving server from vps to SSD disc

I hope 2-3 hours will be enought for evethink but if server won't show on the network, just wait for it.
6 Feb 2018, 20:44:15 UTC · Discuss

GG@H CPU started
ok, I started GoofyxGrid@home CPU project... without monkeys at this moment ;)
First application is htest_64bits to test some subset problems <- more info we will give on project page.

I encourage to test
5 Feb 2018, 9:42:40 UTC · Discuss

Somekind of gathering the team for game dev
I encourage you to follow this topic
for this topic:
2 Feb 2018, 15:19:43 UTC · Discuss

Support for android - again
After some hard times I back to support android platform:
1. arm-android-linux-gnu : pie
2. arm-android-linux-gnu : non-pie
3. aarch64-android-linux-gnu
15 Jan 2018, 11:42:21 UTC · Discuss

GG@H NCI update
I am really sorry for situation. I returned from hospital 2 days ago after almost 1 mounth hospital stay and now I will back to work on GG@H.
I see I have much to work out:
1. phMailer stop to work
2. some problems with analyzers
3. badges won't update
6 Jan 2018, 22:06:29 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break
In next 2-3 days I will need some maintance to change whole network hardware on my "server room" <- 2xload balancer + 4x router.
So you can expect some eroor with connecting to project
19 Nov 2017, 22:08:00 UTC · Discuss

Moving to new server
Like I wrote before no more test or experimets... now it's time to move full system from temporary virtual machines to new home system.
In next week (I don't know exactly which day it will be) there will be some break with accessing to project and even to web page so don't worry it's just removal to the better place ;)
6 Nov 2017, 0:46:08 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break
I need to workout some database problems <- this is reason why I had to daleyed monkeys v2 and v4
22 Oct 2017, 14:09:43 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break
In next 2-3 days I will need some change on server enviroments with project so it could be some moment of "Server unavaible" problem.
Don't worry "I will back" :)
10 Oct 2017, 19:56:40 UTC · Discuss

Change for GoofyxGrid@Home
I have first result for my efforts for monkeys and goofyxGrid@home. Because at this moment there is no possibility to have one project with many cpu and many nci apps (this problem is reported on mailing-group and on github) I have to split my GG@H into two separated project:

ad <- 1
Not only for monkeys ;)
I wolud like to start some virtualBox cpu application with Machine Learning, Neuytral Network (face and object recongnitions) etc.

ad <- 2
Users, teams, credits will be imported from GCC
6 Sep 2017, 10:49:02 UTC · Discuss

Big change in GoofyxGrid@Home
In next 1-2 weeks there will be a big change in GoofyxGrid@home because of merging with GCC (Grid Computing Center).
GoofyxGrid@home will finish acctual existens and will appear as sub-project in GCC.

More info soon...
12 Apr 2017, 9:04:51 UTC · Discuss

Server test and short WU
Because I rewrite almost every script and deamons on server I need to test it.
To be sure everythink works good I need to analyzed 500k to 1kk WU in every apps so I will generate WU with short time of proceecced.

So don't be affraid if WU time is reduced. WU will be ok and you get credits as always.
7 Jan 2017, 1:33:18 UTC · Discuss

New summary pages
I create some list result pages. You can access it from main page in "Result list pages" section or from sub-pages in "Result summary page" section.
That is first version on it. Feel free to watch it and comment it.

I am planning summary pages with sum word for every user, count every word ec
2 Jan 2017, 22:47:48 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break
After WU will be send I wil make some cleaner job on server.
5 Dec 2016, 15:40:03 UTC · Discuss

New app version - support android 7 and arm64
I added support for android 7 platform with arm64.\r\n\r\n\r\nBig thanks to my friend matszpk from Boinc@Poland
2 Dec 2016, 11:25:39 UTC · Discuss

New app version for linux 32b
On some host with linux 32bits every app crush because of libcurl error <- this version should correct this.
1 Dec 2016, 9:49:44 UTC · Discuss

New apps monkeys_v3 and monkeys_v4
Problems with cpu apps on my server made me to start two new NCI app. Because I dont's have access to any MacOS hosts I can't compile app for this platform at this moment.
27 Oct 2016, 9:28:39 UTC · Discuss

Very short maintance
I had to to make short (about 5 minutes) break for upgrade server.\r\nDon't worry about it. Now everythink back and work again.\r\n\r\nAt this moment some deamons are disabled (validator, assimilator etc) durring I am repleacing them by new version I had created.
23 Aug 2016, 11:58:06 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break
After every WU will be sent/return I need some time to prepare server for new series od WU
20 Jul 2016, 7:19:06 UTC · Discuss

Android support
Android pie and non-pie for Monkeys_v1 now is available
30 Jun 2016, 21:51:30 UTC · Discuss

Windows x64 support
With more and more problems with 32bits application on Windows Vista x64 and Windows 10 x64 I added application compiled for Windows 64bits platforms.
15 Jun 2016, 9:05:14 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break
Tonight after every unsent WU will be sent I am planing to have maintance break on server. \r\nDon't worry <- I will back :)
10 Jun 2016, 6:19:14 UTC · Discuss

New MileStone
GoofyxGrid gain a new MileStone in his history <- project has more than 10,000 hosts :D
11 May 2016, 23:52:20 UTC · Discuss

GoofyxGrid at new home
GoofyxGrid@Home working on new serwer:\r\n\r\nThis is new dedicated server prepared only for GoofyxGrid@Home with SSd and HDD drive + 4c/8t CPU so this will be good enough.
28 Apr 2016, 0:43:03 UTC · Discuss

Badges v.2
Thanks to \r\n

\r\nwe have new badges which looks beter that my badges v.1 :D\r\n\r\nMany thanks <- again
6 Apr 2016, 21:40:12 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v1 - analyzer
Hurraa!\r\nThat was very good day for this project it is why Monkeys_v1 has now real time analyzer too :)
4 Apr 2016, 22:03:25 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - analyzer
Monkeys_v2 has from now automatic analyzer scripts on server so results is checking almost in real time.Before it I had to dowload result to my computer, analyze it and save it to database.\r\nScript has procesiing with 250,000 result for now <- previous result will be analyzed too, of course.\r\n\r\nTomorrow I am going to test Monkeys_v1 analyzer and after it I have to prepare new php page for presentation it.\r\n\r\nAnd after this work stage it's time for finish work on Monkeys_v1.1 and Monkeys_v.3 and next:\r\n1. CPU app\r\n3. Android support\r\nect.
4 Apr 2016, 13:43:58 UTC · Discuss

Unplaned maintance break
I had problem with motherboard on my server <- I had to change it.\r\nSorry for this unplaned break.
3 Apr 2016, 7:51:27 UTC · Discuss

Maintance break
After every WU's will send I am going to stop my server for maintance break
16 Mar 2016, 12:17:43 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v1 - last serie
A2-L6 will be last serie for Monkey_v1 application as the application is going to be retired
9 Mar 2016, 9:19:45 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 A2 serie
1) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A2-CHRISTMAS_35445_5000000\r\nTime: 25-02-2016 12:47:57 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 218\r\nUser: Mumps [MM]\r\n\r\n2) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A2-CHRISTMAS_168532_5000000\r\nTime: 27-02-2016 00:13:57 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 2368\r\nUser: Mumps [MM]\r\n\r\n3) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A2-CHRISTMAS_196786_5000000\r\nTime: 27-02-2016 07:38:53 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 2452\r\nUser: vanos0512\r\n\r\n4) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A2-CHRISTMAS_379640_5000000\r\nTime: 29-02-2016 05:27:18 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 1\r\nUser: Mumps [MM]\r\n\r\n5) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A2-CHRISTMAS_379868_5000000\r\nTime: 29-02-2016 05:27:18 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 1\r\nUser: Eric_Kaiser\r\n\r\n6) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A2-CHRISTMAS_636690_5000000\r\nTime: 03-03-2016 00:25:00 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 53\r\nUser: scole of TSBT\r\n\r\n7) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A2-CHRISTMAS_797777_5000000\r\nTime: 04-03-2016 17:43:47 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 2155\r\nUser: Mumps [MM] \r\n\r\n8) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A2-CHRISTMAS_883870_5000000\r\nTime: 05-03-2016 14:39:15 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 1254\r\nUser: LCB001
8 Mar 2016, 7:04:08 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - 46/47/48/49
49) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_4943050_5000000\r\nTime: 24-02-2016 11:47:07 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 1017\r\nUser: yoyo_rkn\r\n\r\n48) 7 chars: "CHRISTM"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_4840856_5000000\r\nTime: 21-02-2016 18:14:27 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 674\r\nUser: zombie67 [MM]\r\n\r\n47) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_4664975_5000000\r\nTime: 21-02-2016 18:14:27 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 467\r\nUser: vaughan\r\n\r\n46) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_4511805_5000000\r\nTime: 21-02-2016 02:03:13 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 3349\r\nUser: Paul of TSBT
24 Feb 2016, 20:15:48 UTC · Discuss

First version of badges for each project for "1K", "10K", "20K", "40K", "80K"
23 Feb 2016, 21:16:36 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - 42/43/44/45
45) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_4511805_5000000\r\nTime: 19-02-2016 11:11:18 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 191\r\nUser: Mumps [MM]\r\n\r\n44) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_4318044_5000000\r\nTime: 17-02-2016 01:32:16 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 800\r\nUser: Aurimas\r\n\r\n43) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_4297280_5000000\r\nTime: 16-02-2016 19:23:53 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 1328\r\nUser: ClaudiusD\r\n\r\n42) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_4296653_5000000\r\nTime: 16-02-2016 19:23:06 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 2016\r\nUser: Shaman
20 Feb 2016, 21:48:22 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - 39/40/41
41) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_4101391_5000000\r\nTime: 14-02-2016 09:33:50 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 402\r\nUser: vanos0512\r\n\r\n40) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_4100881_5000000\r\nTime: 14-02-2016 10:10:52 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 3158\r\nUser: [AF>Kirass>MPF] Nafrayou\r\n\r\n39) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_4098113_5000000\r\nTime: 14-02-2016 08:53:57 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 1549\r\nUser: [SETI.USA]Tank_MAster
20 Feb 2016, 21:26:07 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - 36/37/38
38) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_3978381_5000000\r\nTime: 12-02-2016 22:13:09 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 2365\r\nUser: Moises Cardona\r\n\r\n37) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_3846958_5000000\r\nTime: 11-02-2016 09:31:27 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 830\r\nUser: JayPi\r\n\r\n36) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_3846713_5000000\r\nTime: 11-02-2016 09:31:08 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 830\r\nUser: Chris182008
15 Feb 2016, 11:12:29 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - 35th
35) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_3628285_5000000\r\nTime: 09-02-2016 05:09:11 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 944\r\nUser: Cruncher Pete
11 Feb 2016, 7:44:05 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - 32/33/34
34) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_3288436_5000000\r\nTime: 05-02-2016 16:22:45 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 1599\r\nUser: Mumps [MM]\r\n\r\n33) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_3288211_5000000\r\nTime: 05-02-2016 16:22:44 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 1599\r\nUser: desktop64\r\n\r\n32) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_3177963_5000000\r\nTime: 04-02-2016 12:33:48 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 3220\r\nUser: vaughan
8 Feb 2016, 10:53:30 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - 28/29/30/31
31) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_3046376_5000000\r\nTime: 02-02-2016 22:43:05 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 1012\r\nUser: jiri kovar\r\n\r\n30) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_3034648_5000000\r\nTime: 02-02-2016 19:19:24 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 817\r\nUser: Sabroe_SMC\r\n\r\n29) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_2835029_5000000\r\nTime: 31-01-2016 09:34:25 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 2391\r\nUser: Nosferatu*\r\n\r\n28) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_2848079_5000000\r\nTime: 31-01-2016 09:34:24 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 2391\r\nUser: cyrusNGC_224@P3D
3 Feb 2016, 23:02:55 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - 25/26/27th
25) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_2750933_5000000\r\nTime: 30-01-2016 10:51:57 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 1900\r\nUser: vanos0512 \r\n\r\n24) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_2689992_5000000\r\nTime: 29-01-2016 16:47:10 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 247\r\nUser: Mumps [MM] \r\n\r\n23) 6 chars: "CHRIST"\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_2672877_5000000\r\nTime: 29-01-2016 12:48:44 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 765\r\nUser: 3Rni
3 Feb 2016, 23:01:37 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - 22rd hit
22) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 8,274,834,960 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_2493216_5000000\r\nTime: 27-01-2016 02:09:44 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 3096\r\nUser: Mumps [MM]
29 Jan 2016, 8:47:53 UTC · Discuss

Second maintance break
For tonight i am planning second technical breake.\r\nNow i am starting to prepare server and data fo it so i have to disable some boinc deamons like validator and assimilator <- don't affraid about point, everythink will be count after i will finish work.
28 Jan 2016, 11:43:04 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - we have first hit with 7 chars
21) 7 chars: "CHRISTM" after about 7,894,674,960 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_2277793_5000000\r\nTime: 24-01-2016 06:10:24 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 2123\r\nUser: zombie67 [MM]
25 Jan 2016, 7:40:05 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - 20h hit
20) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 7,782,614,960 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_2113037_5000000\r\nTime: 21-01-2016 20:04:53 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 2918\r\nUser: PhilD [Gridcoin]
22 Jan 2016, 21:26:01 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - 19th hit
19) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 7,177,814,960 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_1966556_5000000\r\nTime: 19-01-2016 10:54:06 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 2686\r\nUser: Roald
21 Jan 2016, 7:58:10 UTC · Discuss

First maintance break
During this time I take whole old drive and gave some new and bigger one plus I did some new raid system.\r\nI need to prepare my serwer for onother boinc server for some science and student.
20 Jan 2016, 21:53:20 UTC · Discuss

MacOS support
Thanks to Krzysztof Piszczek from Universe@Home from now I have application monkeys_v1 and monkeys_v2 for MacOS platform.
18 Jan 2016, 21:19:24 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - 15/16/17/18 hit
18) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 7,177,814,960 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_1835106_5000000\r\nTime: 17-01-2016 04:51:29 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 2492\r\nUser: vanos0512\r\n\r\n17) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 6,884,054,960 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_1796654_5000000\r\nTime: 16-01-2016 14:07:57 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 1303\r\nUser: Mumps [MM]\r\n\r\n16) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 6,596,083,760 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_1733570_5000000\r\nTime: 15-01-2016 11:15:48 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 1334\r\nUser: damotbe\r\n\r\n15) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 6,239,683,760 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_1660661_5000000\r\nTime: 14-01-2016 02:14:03 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 806\r\nUser: toms83
18 Jan 2016, 12:00:51 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - 13/14th hit
14) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 5,384,323,760 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_1528453_5000000\r\nTime: 11-01-2016 07:12:42 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 919\r\nUser: Jerzy_Przytocki\r\n\r\n13) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 5,381,031,200 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_1513325_5000000\r\nTime: 10-01-2016 23:37:58 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 778\r\nUser: vanos0512
12 Jan 2016, 10:50:17 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - 11/12th hit
12) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 5,338,911,200 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_1306070_5000000\r\nTime: 06-01-2016 12:42:50 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 572\r\nUser: Joe\r\n\r\n11) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 5,339,853,573 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_1306030_5000000\r\nTime: 06-01-2016 12:42:42 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 572\r\nUser: Dennis-TW
7 Jan 2016, 9:18:12 UTC · Discuss

Support for 32bit Linux
I added new compilation for Linux 32bits platforms for both monkeys_v1 and monkeys_v2.
5 Jan 2016, 13:14:13 UTC · Discuss

Support for ARM Linux
If anybody has boinc on rasberry pi/odroid etc (or other arm linux) please join to my project. This evening or tomorrow I will add monkeys_v1 i monkeys_v2 for this plafrom for testing.\r\n\r\nBig thanks to Krzysztof Piszczek from Universe@Home.
4 Jan 2016, 13:36:40 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - 10th hit
10) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 5,306,781,200 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_1182513_5000000\r\nTime: 03-01-2016 20:38:17 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 1142\r\nUser: Cruncher Pete
4 Jan 2016, 11:44:29 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - 9th hit
9) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 5,108,061,200 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_1140385_5000000\r\nTime: 02-01-2016 20:14:44 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 2556\r\nUser: STEVE
3 Jan 2016, 12:14:02 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - 8th hit
8) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 3,895,005,200 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_909423_5000000\r\nTime: 27-12-2015 21:42:40 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 3041\r\nUser: vanos0512
29 Dec 2015, 19:51:56 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - 7th hit
7) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 3,621,445,200 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_851084_5000000\r\nTime: 26-12-2015 08:13:44 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 363\r\nUser: Mumps [MM]
27 Dec 2015, 21:53:59 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - 6th hit
6) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 2,226,459,600 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_596364_5000000\r\nTime: 18-12-2015 16:29:11 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 2407\r\nUser: Tatsunori Tsuno
20 Dec 2015, 1:10:30 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - 5th hit
5) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 1,727,067,600 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_463375_5000000\r\nTime: 15-12-2015 05:41:37 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 2954\r\nUser: NOSTROMUS
14 Dec 2015, 13:44:35 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - next 6 chars math
Monkeys_v2 with A1-CHRISTMAS serie return next two partial match:\r\n\r\n4) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 1,338,267,600 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_382664_5000000_0\r\nTime: 11-12-2015 10:32:47 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 2240\r\nUser: vanos0512\r\n\r\n3) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 1,332,522,600 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_381539_5000000_0\r\nTime: 11-12-2015 09:48:40 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 3070\r\nUser: morgan
11 Dec 2015, 12:52:18 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - we have first 6 chars fits
Monkeys_v2 with A1-CHRISTMAS serie return first two partial match:\r\n\r\n2) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 1,136,084,400 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_330042_5000000_0\r\nTime: 09-12-2015 11:01:05 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 1343\r\nUser: Mumps [MM]\r\n\r\n1) 6 chars: "CHRIST" after about 990,889,200 draws\r\nWU: monkeys_v2_A1-CHRISTMAS_298975_5000000_0\r\nTime: 08-12-2015 03:59:11 UTC\r\nDraw no. in WU: 945 \r\nUser:
9 Dec 2015, 19:54:44 UTC · Discuss

Temporary server down
The temporary serwer broke down last night and I had to restore last backup to new dedicated machine.\r\nI am sorry for that situation, i hope that will never happen again.
24 Nov 2015, 14:12:10 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - new version
Version number 6.00 for monkeys_v2 application with new function for drawing and comparing words <- 25000-30000 test WU's thanks to which I will be able to start first big production serie for this app.
22 Nov 2015, 2:08:10 UTC · Discuss

Attention : Problem with antivirus
Very important.\r\nIf your antivirus report my application as virus, you have add they to exception list <- or better add whole boinc data directory as exception.\r\nDefault boinc data folder for example onWindows 7 is c:\ProgramData\Boinc <- "BoincData" folder has hiden attribute.
18 Nov 2015, 14:39:54 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v2 - first test
I started testing monkeys_v2 windows application with 2 serie and 200 WU fo now. If everything will be ok, I will start production mode for windows32 and linux64.
17 Nov 2015, 22:41:19 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v1 - credits
Don't worry about your points in my project.\r\nI had to disable deamons for some time bacause i need to upgrade it with my custom version as soon as posible.\r\nAfter I start new version, every result will be check and credits will be granted.
17 Nov 2015, 11:56:51 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v1 - A1_L5 serie
I started generating first part 250000 WU for A1_L5 serie which wiil have total 5000000 WU
15 Nov 2015, 21:25:13 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v1 - last test
Last test series T15 of 30000 WU for Monkeys_v1 for weekend.\r\nAfter it project officially will start working for WU with 5 letter words <- it will be long \r\n\r\nOf course I try to use test series to take samo statistic <- it's shame to delete about 20000 result you gave me.\r\n\r\nBig respect for you guys for join to this project.
13 Nov 2015, 22:36:15 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v1 - Windows 32bit app
After 2500 WU with Windows 32bit application <- I enter in production mode with it
13 Nov 2015, 19:59:44 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v1 - beta test windows app
I add Monkeys_v1 application for Windows 32 bits system <- for now is in beta mode. \r\nPlease try it and give me feedback if everythink is ok.\r\n\r\nTo test this application you have to check options in your account configuration to use beta test version.
13 Nov 2015, 12:41:14 UTC · Discuss

Problems with WU download
If anybody don't get new WU to work, please restart project in boinc manager
12 Nov 2015, 10:00:49 UTC · Discuss

User account deletion
After I added reCaptcha function for user registering form, i am going to delete all zombie account with 0 credits in next 7 days <- so start crunching in Monkeys_v1 or die ;)
12 Nov 2015, 7:33:07 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v1 - T8 serie
I had to cancel T8 serie from Monkeys_v1 because of error.\r\nSorry everybody for problem
10 Nov 2015, 12:29:01 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v1 - production app test
Monkeys_v1 for linux has application with 5.00 version <- it's the one for first production mode.\r\nFor now i generated only 100 WU in T9 series to check how progress bar in boinc manager will work <- after it, if everything will be ok i will start production series
10 Nov 2015, 12:18:24 UTC · Discuss

Monkeys_v1 - first test
I am start testing first application for linux with Monkeys_v1 random generator.\r\nFor WU in "T8" series application will be acting as normal cpu app <- after I finish test Monkeys_v1 will be non-cpu
9 Nov 2015, 21:52:32 UTC · Discuss

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